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Under a Warped Cross by Steve Lindahl

A thrilling adventure set in medieval Ireland, Britannia, and Scandinavia, Under a Warped Cross tells the story of Abigail, Goda, and Waso, three siblings raised in the home of an Anglo-Saxon hog farmer. The medieval Catholic church is struggling to overcome pagan beliefs still prevalent in Britannia, so when Abigail, the youngest of the three, is wrongly accused of incest, the priests make an example of her. This tragic event changes all their lives as Goda and Abigail run off together and Waso begins a quest to find them.

Along with Waso, Goda, and Abigail, the novel follows the life of a young, Persian woman, Stateira, who has led a hard life since she was sold by her father. The story also tells of Jolenta, whose life experiences have motivated her to help victims of church abuse, a former monk, Elfgar, who works with Jolenta when he's sober, and Duette, Jolenta's daughter, who has reached the age where she must make decisions about the direction of her life.

Under a Warped Cross paints a picture of life in the middle ages within a plot filled with fury, sin, and violence, but also love, determination, and strength.

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