Study Guide Questions

1. What were the most exciting parts of White Horse Regressions?

2. What were the most emotional parts?

3. What surprised you the most in the book?

4. Did you identify with any of the characters? If so, why?

5. The plot of White Horse Regressions depends on the concept that souls travel from life to life in groups of both friends and foes. Does this belief make sense? Why?

6. Why would some events from past lives repeat while others would not?

7. Jamie compared regressions with taking on a role in a play. Are there similarities and, if so, what are they?

8. Jamie's interest in acting seems almost a compulsion, a form of escapism similar to her drinking. At what point does an occupation or interest become a problem?

9. How does Stuart's response to Jamie's alcoholism and infidelity compare with his response to the demands of the smugglers? Is he brave or foolish?

10. How does jealousy affect Hannah's relationship with Jamie and Stuart?

11. How does gender make the life Glen is living different from the one he led when he was Molly?

12. What did Hannah discover about herself as the book progressed and how do you think her discoveries will affect the rest of her life?